Do You Have to Notify Your Neighbors Before Water Main Replacement?

Mar 22, 2023 | Construction

Water main replacement involves certain responsibilities, and notifying your neighbors about it is one of them. The only situation when certain rules do not apply is if the property is severely damaged and changed from its original use and purposes.

In case your house was built before the 70s, that means it has lead pipes, and most people want to change them. The fact about lead pipes is that they can contaminate water, and that is one of the many reasons why most homeowners want to change them.

Most of the water networks are made of shared supplies. It means that there are connections among various properties within the same neighborhood, and every change you make to your water main system can affect other people as well.

It is the municipal supply lines that are responsible for bringing fresh water into our homes. According to specialized excavating Loveland companies, depending on where exactly the problem appears, the responsibility may fall on the municipality, on you or on your neighbor.

Water main refers to the pipe which is intended for supplying water to homes, businesses, industrial areas, etc. And in case there are any issues with it, you should let both your plumber and neighbors know about it.

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