Water & Sewer Main Installation in Fort Collins, Loveland and Northern Colorado

Trust the professionals at Boonstra Excavation when you require sewer line services. Our experts have the expertise, knowledge, and tools to resolve most Sewer Line problems on the spot.

From new home builds to utility failure, Boonstra Excavation specializes in waterline and sewer line services. We can install, replace, or repair any residential or commercial service or main line.

Breaking or aging pipes, root intrusion, waterline failures, rust and material failure, are all common. We are fully equipped to handle each of these problems with ease.

When the Boonstra expert arrives at your property, they’ll go over all your options before beginning repairs so you can make educated decisions throughout the process. We service and repair a variety of components, so you may count on us to do a competent utility repair or replacement.

Our water line and sewer line installation services include:

  • Spot Fixes
  • Entire Replacements
  • Street Cuts For New Taps
  • Mainline Taps
  • Mainline Installs

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Some of the Common Cost Factors when Performing Sewer Lines Installation or Replacement

The sewer line from your house is one of the most crucial elements of your home’s plumbing. Your home’s sewer pipe transports dirty wastewater to your local sewer system, so it’s critical that it is in good working order. There are, nevertheless, circumstances in which problems might develop at any time and may require full or partial sewer line replacement or installation. Replacing or upgrading a sewer line might be expensive, so it’s critical to understand the elements that influence the overall project’s cost.

Permits Required for a Municipal Sewer Line

At Boonstra Excavation, we will assist you in taking care of this – contact us immediately!

Sewer Line Replacement

Is your sewer line accessible?

Excavation may be very expensive if a sewer line is difficult to access. If your sewer line runs under a tree or a cement sidewalk, it will require demo to access the line, making it more expensive. Excavation is not always necessary if pipe bursting or pipe lining is an option.

How long is the sewer line replacement?

The cost to replace your sewer line will increase the longer the run from the house to the city main is. Contact Boonstra Excavation for a sewer line estimate now and know exactly what you’ll pay before any work is done.

Regardless of the problem, we will first assess what needs to be fixed before any work begins so you know exactly what solution is ideal for your sewage line. We will give you expert advice, so you can make the right decision before any plumbing is done.

What Causes Main Sewer Line Problems

You might be wondering how sewer line repair works. After all, isn’t it supposed to be protected from danger if it’s hidden underground? This is correct, but there are a few underhanded tactics through which sewage pipes can be damaged and need to be fixed when you live anywhere including Loveland or Fort Collins, CO.


The sewer lines are linked to anything that drains wastewater from your property, such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers. Clogs may be caused by pouring grease, fats, oils, or the wrong materials down these drains.

Tree Roots

A hairline fracture in your sewage line that leaks even a little bit of water might be enough to draw tree roots. Once those tree roots penetrate the broken sewer pipe, they will grow and form a tenacious, difficult-to-reach block.

Shifting Soil

Extreme weather may cause the earth to shift when it freezes and thaws. This might be enough movement to fracture your existing pipe, which can lead to leaks.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you should have Boonstra come to your house and provide an estimate. We will go through all the details with you before starting work. If the damage is severe, we will most likely suggest a new sewer line installation.

What causes main sewer line problems

Common Sewer Pipe Installation, Repair and Replacement Questions:

How Much Does a Sewer Installation Cost?

The cost of laying or repairing sewer piping may differ significantly depending on how much of the line needs to be replaced and where it is located on your property. You can rely on Boonstra Excavation to come to your home promptly and provide you with a competitive quotation from a certified expert.

What Are the Indications That My Sewer Piping Is Broken?

Backups or blockages in your house or yard are some of the most typical indicators that you have a broken sewage system. A sewer line that needs to be repaired may also emit a stench like that of sewage. Don’t wait to fix these issues – if gone without repair, these issues can cause you to need a new sewer pipe installed.

How Long Does a Sewer Line Replacement Take?

The length of time it takes to replace your pipes depends on the layout of your property and the plumbing system surrounding it. It usually takes 1-3 days to replace your main sewage line. Boonstra Excavation provides knowledgeable and skilled specialists that are licensed and certified to install or repair your main sewer line. For a free, no-obligation estimate of any type of sewer line repair in Northern Colorado, contact (970) 278-6151 now.

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