3 Signs You Need Water Main Replacement

Mar 29, 2022 | Construction

water main replacement Fort Collins

It’s not always clear when a water main needs replacing, if it runs underground and you can’t actually see it corroding or leaking. However, there are signs that will notify you when it’s actually time for your water main to be dug out and replaced with a brand new one:

  1. The water main is very old. It’s possible that the water main on your property hasn’t been replaced for many years. Right before periods like spring or autumn, when the weather changes a lot and the temperatures tend to fluctuate, it will usually be recommended that you have your old water main replaced to prevent them from breaking unexpectedly and flooding your property.
  2. An obvious sign that your water main might need replacing is when you notice your lawn becoming soggy and you notice patches that are wet all around your lawn, garden and other parts of your yard where you know the water main runs right below. Even mild leakage can do a lot of damage, not to mention the loss of water that can end up costing you a lot of money over time as well.
  3. Recommended water main replacement Fort Collins experts advise that an increased water bill is also a good sign that you need to check the integrity of your water main and have it replaced. If you can’t explain why you suddenly have to pay more for your water and you also notice decreased water pressure when you turn on the tap, then all signs will likely point at a faulty water main being the culprit.

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