Considerations When Having Your Water Main Replaced in Fort Collins

May 29, 2022 | Construction

Proper water main replacement in Fort Collins hinges on speed. A lot of homeowners in the region have had a great deal of property damage to deal with as a result of their water main bursting during the winter or just caving in because the pipeline hasn’t been replaced in a long time.

In all cases of water main damage that occurs under the surface, it’s very important to use the correct excavation methods to get the old water main unearthed, create a safe pathway for the water to flow off the property and replace the old water main with a new one.

Because in some cases, turning off the water can result in many properties remaining without water for the duration of the project, water main replacement Fort Collins experts often use hydrovac or vacuum excavation services to get the job done faster. Hydrovac in particular is extremely efficient and fast, and it doesn’t damage the water main further. Using hydro excavation like that, your contractor can dig out the old pipe, replace it and then simply turn the water back on for you and the rest of the neighborhood. The whole process can be completed in record time and with minimal damage.

When you leave your broken water main unattended to for a longer time, the water damage it causes could expand to other properties as well. That can lead to litigation and possibly a great loss of money. To avoid that, call on experts like Boonstra Excavation to dig out your water main as quickly as possible and help you avoid any unnecessary problems.

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