Do Larger Properties Require Complex Septic Installations?

Jul 7, 2023 | Septic Systems

Septic systems refer to the method for disposing of waste, which is typically used on-site. There are several components that a septic system should have, such as a buried tank, which is intended for removing solid wastes from raw wastewater, a distribution system and an area where the soil absorption takes place.

And, of course, larger properties do require more complex septic installations. This type of septic system is usually called a large capacity septic system, or LCSS and it typically receives waste from several buildings or from a commercial building. A LCSS can serve more than twenty people per day.

Large capacity septic systems can be used for trailer parks, apartment buildings, schools and churches, commercial buildings, shopping malls, RV or recreational parks, and so on. These complex septic systems are, therefore, used to treat water, which comes from several sources.

Complex septic tank installation Loveland systems will have local regulations, as will most cities. It is important to research all code and permit requirements before starting the project. We could mention also that there is no set number of houses that a cluster septic system can serve. In fact, it is more about the exact size of the land, which is available for drainage.

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