Excavating in Fort Collins: Is Your Soil Stable Enough for an Excavation Project?

Aug 29, 2022 | Construction

Every year, employees are seriously injured or killed during excavation works. Many accidents happen because the soil collapses, so it is always important to do slope excavation to support the sides, or to strengthen the edges of the excavated area to prevent the soil from collapsing.

Vertical edges are acceptable only if the depth of the excavation is less than 1.7 meters, and if soil analysis has been carried out and revealed natural stability.

When working on pipe or cable excavations, make sure that the work can be carried out in appropriate working positions. For district heating pipes, you need to establish welding points at least 0.6 meters from each end of the pipe and at least 1 meter in length on each side of the joint. In addition, there should be a depth of at least 0.7 meters under the pipes.

For safely excavating, you have to work exclusively with authorized excavating Fort Collins companies, which, in addition to a well-established safety policy, also have the necessary experience and insurance for unexpected accidents. In addition, many of these companies work with modern equipment, such as hydrovac trucks, which are much safer than traditional equipment and eliminate most of the risks related to excavation projects.

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