How Does Septic Tank Installation Really Work?

Jan 14, 2023 | Septic Systems

A septic tank cannot be installed without careful consideration of location; there are certain aspects that must be taken into account. According to top septic installation Loveland contractors, the following must be considered.


Three-compartment septic tanks can be buried in the soil easily. When choosing the location of the septic tank, you should avoid areas with steep slopes, that are unstable, or that may lose their stability through the excavation. Soils with groundwater, macroporic compositions, settled or with low load-bearing capacity should also be avoided.

The right place for a septic tank

The pit in which the tank is installed should be about 40 cm larger than the dimensions of the container, and a layer of 15-20 cm of sand should be inserted on the bottom of the pit. The base of the pit must be flat and strong enough to withstand the load of a full septic tank.


The septic tank, once placed on the bottom of the pit, must have a stable and perfectly horizontal position. Fill the pit 30-40% with water to ensure a perfect settlement of it on the bottom of the pit. The pit must be connected to the sewage system and the drainage pipe. Fill the space between the walls of the pit and those of the septic tank with layers of about 40 cm of sand or earth, up to its half. Each layer must be carefully compacted so that it fills all the space around the container. Fill the septic tank with water and continue to add sand and earth into the pit until it is completely covered.

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