How Often Should You Replace Your Septic Tank?

Jan 22, 2023 | Septic Systems

For households that own a septic tank, it is important to know that it must be emptied regularly. When you notice that the toilet water is taking a while to fill properly and there are bad smells coming from the drain pipes, it is time to call a septic tank service provider. Do not postpone making this call, as the problems will only get worse as the time passes.

Depending on the number of people living in a house, the emptying of the septic tank should be done every 1-3 years. This problem should not be overlooked. If you don’t empty your septic tank properly, you will experience damage to your drain system over time. The money you will spend on subsequent repairs will definitely be more than if you had properly cleaned it originally. Do not forget one extremely important thing when you own a septic tank: it will only work if you use bioactivators that produce bacteria. You should avoid using cleaning products that harm the bacteria, because if bacteria die, the septic tank will clog the pipes of the drainage system with undigested solids.

When taken care of properly, a septic tank can be used for many years. If it breaks down or you have problems with it, you have the option to replace it or repair it. A broken pipe can be patched or replaced, but if the drainage is completely clogged, there are high chances that replacing septic tank Fort Collins experts will need to be called.

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