Is Summer a Good Time to Have my Septic System Checked?

Jul 7, 2022 | Construction

If you are thinking of buying a home that has a septic system, it is a good idea to invest in a rigorous inspection of this system. Actually, it is important not only to check the septic system before buying the house, but also once every 1-3 years. This is necessary because, over time, a compact layer of mud forms on its bottom, which can clog the drain pipes. Most septic systems should be unclogged every 3-5 years depending on their size, the domestic water flow and other factors.

To understand how septic tanks must be checked, you need to get an idea of how ​​they work. Reliable excavation companies Fort Collins septic system specialists offer a brief overview of the main components of such a system:

  • The collector channel is the main channel that connects the pipe system in your house to the septic tank
  • The tank is the container buried in the ground that collects and treats the domestic water in your home.
  • The filtration system is the drainage system that allows wastewater to be dispersed into the soil after it has been treated in the septic tank.

The actual septic system check should always be done by authorized septic system contractors in Fort Collins, and summer is a very good time to deal with this type of maintenance, especially if you are on vacation and have time to find a good contractor. Specialists will measure the level of the top layer of crust as well as the bottom layer of mud. Septic tank baffles are also checked for signs of corrosion or clogged valves.

After the inspection is completed, the septic system is cleaned and disinfected.

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