Particularities of Septic Tank Installation

Nov 15, 2022 | Construction

Septic tank installation can be tricky at best. Because it’s located underground, your septic tank could suffer damage without your knowledge, or its poor placement could impair its ability to sustain its role properly. As a result, attention to detail is crucial during the installation process.

First of all, it’s important to note that you need a permit to install your own septic tank. Aside from that, the difficulty in excavating the area and in the actual installation work can be extreme, and even a small mistake can often lead to a lot of unwanted consequences. So, rather than making it into a DIY project, consider hiring an expert like Boonstra Excavation to install your septic system for you.

The location and depth of the septic tank is very important. In most case, new sewer lines will not be extended, and the tank will be installed somewhere along the existing sewer line that comes out of your home. Since that’s underground, some excavation will be needed, and the experts you hire will also have to be careful not to hit any other underground utilities, tree roots or any other structure.

The distance from your home will be around 25 feet, although it can vary depending on other factors. Most tanks are placed around 10 feet from the home, and it’s not too common to have them installed any closer.

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