Septic Installation Concerns – What to Look Out for

May 14, 2023 | Septic Systems

Septic installation is an important aspect of building a new home or replacing an old system. Septic system contractors in Fort Collins will often advise you to keep track of the most important requirements involved and what you need to look out for in general.

First, the soil must be suitable for septic installation, and a percolation test must be done to determine if the soil can actually handle the absorption of wastewater. If the soil is unsuitable, alternative systems such as an aerobic treatment unit or sand filter may be necessary.

The septic system must be properly sized to handle the household’s wastewater volume. If the system is undersized, it will need to be pumped more frequently, leading to higher maintenance costs. If it’s oversized, it may not function efficiently and could lead to environmental concerns.

The location where you plan to install the new system is also of crucial importance. The installation has to be placed in the ideal location to ensure that it is effective and safe. It must be far from water sources, such as wells and streams, and has to be installed in a location that will not flood during heavy storms

Finally, a proper permit is usually required for septic installation, and local health departments will inspect the system to ensure it is installed correctly. Failure to obtain the necessary permits or comply with regulations can lead to fines and costly repairs. In Colorado, you have to talk to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), go through the licensing process, and make sure you hire a licensed septic installation Loveland contractor set up your installation for you.

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