Some of the Best Excavation Methods to Use in Loveland

May 20, 2022 | Construction

The use of newer, less conventional methods of excavation has been a topic of debate among construction specialists for the past few years. Unlike in the past, methods like hydro and vacuum excavation have now emerged into the mainstream, and many contractors welcome their use due to their more accurate and less destructive ability to get the job done.

Probably one of the most popular methods used by practiced excavation companies Loveland businesses is hydro excavation. As the name would suggest, this technique uses water to excavate more quickly, energetically and safely. Unlike a regular excavator, a hydrovac truck is actually very precise and “gentle” as it is less likely to damage pipes, cables and anything else that might be found underneath your property.

Of course, hydro excavation isn’t entirely without destructive power, so it has to be used very carefully. Vacuum excavation, on the other hand, is similar to hydro excavation, however, the excavated material actually remains dry. This means vacuum excavation is a great way to uncover hidden utility lines, old roots, buried treasure… or anything else that might be damaged by a regular excavator or by the high pressure water jet used by hydrovac experts.

The best way to know which type of excavation method is best for your property is to ask your local experts for support and information. Excavation companies in Loveland have a great deal of expertise in the matter, and they can easily steer you into the right direction.

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