Some of the Best New Excavation Technologies

Apr 20, 2022 | Construction

While electric excavators and high powered hydraulics have revolutionized traditional excavation, some new technologies have arisen that managed to do a lot more. These are hydrovac and vacuum excavation.

Hydrovac, or hydro excavation, works by introducing a powerful jet of hot water under pressure to dig through hardened soil and then remove the soil as accurately as possible in the required location. Hydro excavating Fort Collins companies are extremely capable when it comes to using this method.

Like hydro excavation, the practice of vacuum excavation can also make use of high pressure water. However, aside from this fact, vacuum excavation also introduces an air vacuum to help with the process. The result is naturally a stronger ability to push and pull through the dirt and of removing the resulting slurry. It can also lead to faster results in some cases, depending on the hardness and consistency of the soil.

A “vac truck” works by using a powerful pump that removes the air from a tank, creating a vacuum inside. Then by opening the shut-off valves the vac truck operators are able to produce a suction action that pulls the sludge into the truck’s holding tank in order to equalize the forces resulting from the vacuum.

Vacuum and hydrovac technologies are the top most widely used and efficient new technologies in the excavation industry today. They are commonly utilized to dig up utility lines and tree roots safely, remove hardened and frozen soil, dig around water mains and dig up building foundations in record time – along with many other uses that hydrovac and vac truck experts can tell you about.

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