Steps for Effective Water Main Replacement in Fort Collins

Aug 4, 2022 | Construction

Water main replacement in Fort Collins might seem straightforward, but there are  a lot of things that could go wrong even at the best of times. Getting your damaged water main replaced will be required especially when the damaged area is on your property or water no longer reaches all areas of your home, as there is a definite decrease in water pressure. These are just two of the main cases when a team of water main replacement Fort Collins experts might be needed.

The steps are not too difficult to follow:

  1. If there is even a remote chance that your water main has sustained damage, it’s important to call in a local Fort Collins expert to check on it.
  2. They will inspect the problem and determine exactly where the water main may have been damaged.
  3. They’ll turn off the water first, which might sometimes require turning off the main valve and cutting off water to your neighbors as well. Such cases require precision and speed, and can only be handled by an experienced and professional service.
  4. Next, they will use advanced excavation methods to get to the problem area and replace the damaged water main.
  5. The actual replacement of the pipe will likely be one of the easiest parts of the process. Then they’ll check to see if there are any leaks, and restore the affected area before heading out.

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