Things to Avoid When Dealing with Fort Collins Septic Tank Installations

Mar 15, 2023 | Septic Systems

There are many things that contribute to our level of comfort, and many of them are related to our living environment. For instance, the septic tanks can be very important and it is good to know how to keep them working.

In short, what reaches your septic tank can seriously affect its functionality. The general rule of thumb is to avoid putting anything in your septic tank which could otherwise be thrown away in your trash. Most certainly, your septic tank installation is not designed to be a garbage pail.

It is very important not to let cars drive over the drainfield zone or to park in that area. Moreover, it is essential not to plant any shrubs or trees in that specific region, because their roots can get pipes clogged.

Another major thing to avoid when dealing with septic tanks is to water your lawn too much, as this can also affect the good state of your installation. Also, you should not install any kind of automatic water sprinklers in that area.

In case there are any issues with your septic tank, you should avoid initiating any repairs or replacements without actually getting the required permits. All repairs should be done by certified septic tank installation Fort Collins professionals.

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