Tips for Dealing with Septic System Problems in Loveland

Aug 11, 2022 | Construction

When you have a house in the countryside or in an area where there is no sewerage system to connect to, you most likely need an alternative solution for collecting dirty water and household waste. One of the most effective options is to install a septic system.

Once you have it, you will also have to maintain it to prevent dealing with more complicated problems. For this, it is best to hire experienced septic system contractors Loveland residents highly recommend who will periodically handle important operations such as:

Verification of the septic tank

This is primarily about checking its mechanical parts. Drainage pipes can be verified using modern technology that allows the introduction of a camera to identify cracks or leaks.

Periodic emptying of the septic system

Your septic tank needs periodic emptying to remove solid particles that settle on its bottom. The more people you have in the house, and the higher the consumption of domestic water, the more often you will have to empty your septic tank.

Anything that causes solid particles to accumulate, such as a garbage shredder, leads to the need for emptying the tank more often. The volume of the septic tank also influences the periodicity of this operation.

Using bio activators for the septic tank

Using bio activators will prevent bad odors and, although it will not eliminate them, will reduce the number of necessary emptying operations.

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