What Type of Equipment are Used by Excavation Companies?

Sep 7, 2022 | Construction

Excavations have a crucial importance in the field of construction. Such works can be very expensive and dangerous, that’s why excavation companies like Boonstra Excavation in Fort Collins provide you with qualified personnel and professional equipment to ensure that your excavation works will always be executed flawlessly and safely, for the timely delivery of reliable projects.

Whether it is about large-scale excavations or excavations in smaller spaces, different types of equipment and machinery can meet all customer requirements and needs.

The time of pickaxes and shovels is long gone, and nowadays excavation companies use heavy equipment for all kinds of digging and earth-moving operations.

Excavators are probably the most popular, but there are also backhoes, bulldozers, motor graders, dump trucks, tower cranes, etc. These machines can do a wide variety of tasks, making a construction project faster and easier.

More and more excavation companies in Fort Collins (find one here boonstraexcavation.com) also turn to modern equipment such as hydrovac trucks. Compared to the traditional equipment mentioned above, hydrovac trucks are more reliable and effective, even if they are not based on the use of sharp or metal edges, but on the power of high-pressure water and air. This is precisely what makes them a safer excavation option, as the risk of all kind of damage is highly reduced.

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