Why Excavating in Fort Collins Might Require Advanced Technology

Apr 13, 2022 | Construction

As you plan to start a project involving excavating in Fort Collins, it’s a good idea to explore the many facets of how technology might be used to speed up the work. The main problem is the soil in Fort Collins, as in much of Colorado, is composed mainly of hardened clay, and it can be very difficult to work with at times. Fortunately, there are various technologies that can break through the clay quite effectively and help you get the most fruitful results with your project.

Aside from clay composition being a problem, Colorado is overly dry which means there won’t be much moisture in the soil. Since this isn’t simply about a few days of dry weather, but rather many long years and even centuries in which the Fort Collins area and much of Colorado was exposed to reduced humidity, you can expect both the upper layers and the deeper portions of the soil to be problematic to deal with at best. Add that to the fact that in winter the entire soil might freeze over, and you’ll have a very hard time getting conventional digging technologies to work.

This is why the use of vacuum excavation and hydrovac are so prevalent in Colorado, and most especially in the Fort Collins area. Whether you need to take care of water main replacement in Fort Collins or handle a larger project involving excavation for construction purposes, you’ll find that the best experts, like Boonstra Excavation, https://boonstraexcavation.com, in the local area will recommend these highly advanced digging methods for anyone wishing to achieve the best levels of success.

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