Why You Need a Professional Excavation Company

Jan 29, 2023 | Construction

The reasons why you might need the services of a professional excavation company are varied.

  • Landscaping

Lawn maintenance, seasonal work, installation of constructive elements (alleys, gazebos, pergolas, pavements), irrigation systems – everything you need for the arrangement and maintenance of your garden.

  • Mechanized digging

Mechanized excavations for burying electrical cables, optical fiber, sewerage works, septic tanks, swimming pools, foundations, gas lines, drainage pipes and irrigation, land leveling and any earthworks and land preparation.

  • Networks & water-sewerage installations

Extensions of water-sewer networks, replacement of water supply networks, diversions of water-sewer pipes, design and execution of manholes.

  • Construction of fences

Construction works for different fences (wood, metal, masonry or combined materials), garden constructions of wood, brick, concrete, stone, stone platforms, slabs or concrete pavers.

  • Arranging & repairing roads

Arranging and repairing cobblestone or grounded streets and access roads, arranging concrete pedestrian sidewalks or prefabricated pavers, arranging access ways for car traffic, installing borders.

  • Snow removal services

Removing the snow and evacuating it using dump trucks.

When choosing an excavation company, make sure it is authorized and has the necessary equipment and labor to provide you with the services you need as promptly as possible and at competitive prices. Talk to the excavation experts from Boonstra Excavation, https://boonstraexcavation.com, explain your needs, and ask for a written estimate.

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